What does CPP stand for?

I have seen many people say this:

“CPP stands for C Plus Plus.”

You people (you know who you are,) are dumb. That’s like trying to say “CS stands for C Sharp.” It’s not. CS stands for “Computer Science” and C Sharp is written as C#. (If you want to feel giddy, call it “C Octothorp” instead of “C Sharp.” You’ll be wrong, but people who know that word will feel good and a little less alone in this vast world of ours.)

C++ is how you write the name of the language. It makes no sense to try writing it as CPP because that’s the same number of  characters – you gain absolutely nothing. Further, saying “CPP” makes no sense either. That’s 3 syllables. C++ is 3 syllables too!

So, enough about you being wrong; what does CPP actually stand for?

I’m certain the PP stands for “Pre-Processor”… the part I thought I was certain of up until a few seconds ago is, is it “C Pre-Processor” or “Compiler Pre-Processor”? I don’t know… both make sense, do they not? I guess it really doesn’t matter, because either way we’re referring to the exact same times.

So, now that I’ve cleared that up, no one has any excuse to ever be wrong again and I shouldn’t ever have to explain it again. Good.

Edit: You can also call C# D♭, if you’re so inclined. You’ll still be wrong, but it’s a funny joke amongst your musically inclined programming friends.


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